Monday, December 29, 2008

Snowed in with A Passion Most Pure

If you’ve been following the latest news, most of you know of the horrific winter storm that hit the Northwest this last week. I myself was snowed out of my house for the entire week. (Don't worry, I was rescued and had a nice warm safe place to stay.) My family and I missed Christmas together. My daughter was unable to fly home for the holiday from college due to all the flight cancellations. It was not the merry Christmas many had hoped for. However, God has a way of turning things around and making good come out of chaos. And as the winter storm raged outside many a home, there were a lot of folks who rediscovered what it was like to have a good neighbor, how to appreciate loved ones more, and that family is the most important thing. Not what gifts are under the Christmas tree.

Myself, being a writer, I wondered what it would be like to be snowed in with various characters from some of the books I’ve read over the last few months. My own book’s characters included. And after much thought, I decided that if I had to be snowed in with the characters from any of the books I’ve read, including my own, I’d have to say that the characters from Julie Lessman’s book, A Passion Most Pure won. Not that being snowed in with Dallan MacDonald doesn’t have its appeal. But let’s face it, those of you who have read my books know that one can only take so much of Kitty Morgan, and I just couldn’t imagine being snowed in with the whole Time Master bunch, which would definitely include Kitty. So the O’Connor family from Julie’s book won out.

Set against the backdrop of world war one in 1916, A Passion Most Pure spills off the pages and into one’s heart and mind like butter. It had a way of gripping me like no book had in many years. And let me tell you, it takes a lot to hold me especially when I’m working on my own stuff. Emotionally compelling and just as satisfying, the story revolves around Faith O’Conner and her younger sister Charity who both have their cap set for the same man. One the girls parents would rather they both leave alone. Collin McGuire isn’t exactly the type of chap to write home about in their book, let alone bring through the front door. But that’s exactly what happens.

Faith’s ever growing affection for Collin is kept hidden in her heart for many years and to suddenly find her sister Charity wrapped in his arms one day shatters her world. To see Collin then court Charity nearly rips it apart. Why can she not just let it go? What is it about him that so draws her? And why does he have to be in love with her sister? But wait! Collin seems to be asking himself some of the same questions. But he’s asking them about Faith! Ohhhh now we have a pickle!

The thing I loved about this book is the strong family core of the O’Connors. They love and laugh together, cry together, fight together. They are the stuff of the heart. The grist and guts that holds a family together. They are steadfast in their love for each other and that, along with an understanding of God’s forgiveness pulls them through an extremely difficult time. I’ve never started a rating system when I review a book, but if I did, and scored on a scale of 1 (being don’t waste your time) and 5 (being keep it on the shelf and never lend it out!) I’d have to give Julie’s book a five! The copy I read was loaned to me and under penalty of death too I might add. I need to remember to get it back to its rightful owner. One of these days …..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

League of Superheros!

OK,OK, firstly I know it's not Friday yet and the date of this blog says that it's Thursday. But my internet works only when it wants to and rather than take a chance on it not working early Friday morning, I took what I could get from it here on Thursday night and posted while the posting was good! Maybe if I had a friend named Genie helping me out such as in Stephen L. Rice's book League of Superheros, I wouldn't have this problem in the first place! In fact, I'd probably be an honorary member of The Mad Scientist Club as well! Just like the characters Allen, Tom, Rod, and Charlie. Oh, and Allen's little sister Clarice should be included too. After all, if it weren't for her, these up and coming mad scientists might never have met Genie.

And who is Genie you ask? Oh no, I'm not giving that away! You'll have to read the book. But I'm not above teasing! IS she a human? Or is she some sort of super computer that turns four ordinary mad scientist super hero wannabes into just that. Super Heroes! I think Genie prefers the role of mad scientist. But it's a good thing she's not mad! So we'll just leave her as scientist. Who else can build super suits for our four teen age heroes and deliver them UPS no less! And there's nothing more fun than watching four teen age boys bumble and stumble their way around trying to learn how every thing in their new super suits work!

But where there are superheroes, even if newbies, there are also villains! And finding out who is the nasty in this romp is half the fun. Stephen does a wonderful job of putting you right there with the characters, and characters we can all relate to as well. Especially those of us who, ah, well, nerd is a hard word and geek isn't much better. Let's just say there are many of us who had much the same interests when we were kids as these four boys do, including the little sister sidekick! What kid doesn't think about being a superhero at some point while growing up?

The book isn't incredibly long and so is a fun, fast read. It's also as fun to read for adults as it is for teens. If you have a tech crazy teen in your household act fast and get this book in time for Christmas! Or if you hanker for that euphoric feeling of discovering what it would be like to have a power suit created by a super brain then go for it! The gem of this book is it will take you back in time somewhat and restore to you those wonderful feelings of what it was like to dream. I know it did for me!

Well done Steve! Well done!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ah, this month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is saving the world. Er, ah, no. That's not quite right. How about the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring the Book League of Superheroes by Stephen L. Rice and THEY are saving the world! Yes, what can one say about a group of geeks pitted against nasty evil doers? And just what do their outfits look like? Er, that would be the geeky super heroes not the evil slime. I mean, if you were dressed by someone named Genie that you weren't even sure was human, how would you look? However, on the other hand, some evil slime dress quite nicely this time of year I hear, and they dress themselves! Oh but I digress! Here's a synopsis of the book and on Friday I'll be posting my very own review! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!(insert hideous evil laugh here. I have to go out and buy an outfit to review in!) But in the mean time, here's the general gist!

Four teenage boys and one little sister discover someone in a chat room who
claims to be a little girl named Genie, but whose scientific knowledge and
technology are a few centuries ahead of anyone else.

Who or what is Genie? The most intelligent mortal in history—an integral
part of the most powerful force mankind has ever unleashed. And she does not
consider herself subject to the laws of God or man.

On a whim, Genie transforms her new friends into the League of Superheroes:

Titan—a walking and flying tank—is Rod Davies, a klutzy, diplomacy-impaired
beanpole who is also a certified genius in math and physics;
Darklight—an invisible spy—is the narrator, Tom Reilly, a scientifically
inclined polyglot;
Tachyon—able to speed or slow time in his area—is Allen Peters,
super-hacker; and
Micromegas—a size-changer—is Charlie Taylor, who hopes someday to be a
medical missionary.
And then there are Clarice Peters, Allen’s little sister and perhaps Genie’
s best friend, and "Uncle," the mysterious elderly man who was the first to
treat Genie like a human being…

But can even superheroes save her (and the world) from her so-called creators
—and from Genie herself?
Check out these other member blogs this week for more info.

Purchase League of Superheroes< /i> at href="http://www.thewrite los.html">Writer's Cafe Press, href="http://search. barnesandnoble. com/League- of-Superheroes/ Stephen-Rice/ e/9781934284056/ ?itm=1">Barnes and
Noble or href=" com/gp/product/ 193428405X? ie=UTF8&tag= welctolato- 20&linkCode= as2&camp= 1789&creative= 9325&creativeASI N=193428405X">Ama

Friday, November 7, 2008

Leaps Of Faith

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring the book Leaps of Faith, a 2002 EPPIE finalist for Best Electronic Anthology. This treasure trove full of gems is now available in paperback!


Believe in a future where science and faith live side-by-side? Leaps of Faith contains 15 stories exploring space, time and faith. Can an ancient religion bring hope to first-line explorers for whom each trip is potential suicide? What does it mean when a physicist finds God's face in the stars? Is there a "saint gene" and can it be reproduced to create miracles? What happens to your soul when your body is shattered into quantum elements and reassembled on another world? How will the Christian faith transform alien thoughts and traditions?

Read as time travelers seeking to change Biblical history and space travelers harvesting "angels" are brought to faith by their experiences. Experience tender romance and heart-pounding adventure. Laugh at the foilables of man.

Though the book has a general synopsis, it’s just not enough to describe what’s between the pages. But it’s sometimes difficult to pare down every single story and even the reviews posted throughout the week prior to this one have focused on a few of the diamonds found between the covers of this treasure chest but not broken them all down individually. And guess what? I’m not going to either! It’s far more fun to find out for yourself! What we all have done though, is found something unique to take away from this inspiring collection.

Faith is what makes us as Christians. And of course, when all is well with the world, (at least our own little private ones) it’s easy to have faith. But when tested, it’s not so easy! We’ve all had our faith tested through out our lives, and one of the things that can make certain authors very popular be it in the Christian market or the secular, is their ability to create characters and stories about people who are just like us. Now it’s one thing to read about a story set in the here and now. Quite another to read a story set in the far future! Don’t we just love it when a character in a story we are really into comes to Christ? OK, so how about an alien coming to Christ? We read about civil rights. Well what about an android’s rights? Leaps has it all. Action, adventure, some pretty cool science fiction gizmo-gazmos, romance, humor and my personal favorites, a futuristic order of nuns! Having at one time seriously considered joining a convent when I was younger, this one naturally grabbed me. And of course, I’m always into time travel!

Full of twists, turns, surprises and some memorable characters, this anthology will be a keeper! Which were my favorites? Quantum Express by Vincent Maizahn, and Leaps of Faith by Karina and Rob Fabian.

Purchase Leaps of Faith at The Writer's Cafe Press.
Check out the YouTube Video.
Visit the Leaps of Faith Website.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring Susan Kirkland's book Higher Honor! Woo Hoo! Check out the details!

When Cadet Cassidy Sanders is brutally assaulted, she struggles
to carry on as she turns further from the God of her youth. Her
attacker is an acquaintance who has his own struggles to face.
God uses their mutual friends to show both cadets the depth
of his grace and mercy.

Higher Honor is set within the sub-culture of America’s
military colleges. The novel focuses on the elements of honor,
brotherhood, duty, and the spirit of the characters to face
and overcome challenges that grow them into the military’s
next generation of strong, capable leaders. The realism of
Higher Honor’s setting and plot is a result of experience,
observation, and much research.
S.M. Kirkland brings firsthand experience to her fiction.
While a student at North Georgia College and State
University (the senior military college of Georgia) she
enlisted in the Georgia Army National Guard. During a 10-
year military career, she served as a photo- and broadcast
journalist while serving in Italy and for the 1996 Summer
Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Kirkland currently works for the Calhoun Times as the
government reporter and her feature stories have appeared
in newspapers nationwide. Her first fiction publication was
a short story “Fair Balance� included in the anthology Light
at the Edge of Darkness (TWCP, 2007). This story received
several rave reviews.
The publisher's page (FREE shipping, autographed)
http://www.thewrite authorandbooks/ HIGHERHONOR. html
Amazon: com/Higher- Honor-S-M- Kirkland/ dp/1934284084/ ref=sr_1_ 1?ie=UT
F8&s=books&qid= 1222902785& sr=8-1
Susan's web page:
http://smkirkland. com/
Susan's profiles:
http://www.myspace. com/smkirkland
http://www.shoutlif facebook. com/profile. php?id=126167764 6&ref=profile

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring 'Come To Me' by Laura Davis. Read the synopsis below:

You know the story of Mary and Joseph and the remarkable baby that was born to them. But do you know what they were really like? Come To Me offers the reader a glimpse into the lives of Mary, Joseph, Jesus and His apostles in a way that brings them to life.

Set in the Holy Land, Come to Me is the story about the faith and obedience of a young girl, whose absolute trust in God set in motion a chain of unprecedented events. The theme of trusting in God and surrendering to Him is evident throughout this remarkable story.

Journey back in time and rediscover Jesus! See Him through His mother's eyes as she tells the story of her son. Share in Mary's joy at the birth of the Saviour and mourn with her at the foot of the cross.

Come to Me is a moving tale of the life of Christ from the mother who raised him to become the Saviour of the world.

You can visit Laura's website at: where you can learn more about this talented author and all the exciting happenings with her debut book, Come To Me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is reviewing Darryl Sloan's book, Chion. After reading the synopsis, if you live anywhere with snowy winters like we have here in Oregon at times, like me you just might start to consider moving to a warmer climate! To see what I mean, read on!

Synopsis: First came the snow. Then came the screams. Six hundred and fifty pupils, confined to their classrooms, waiting impatiently for the break-time bell to ring, eager to rush outdoors for a snowball slugfest. But when the first foot crosses over the doorway to the playground, something goes terribly wrong: the boy is strangely powerless to prevent himself from falling ... and then screaming.

If the pupils thought being restricted to a classroom for half an hour was hard, all of them are now about to get a lesson in the real meaning of the word “confinement.” No one can leave the building. Not now, not when school’s over, not tonight, and not tomorrow. It’s the same story all across the country, in every school, every workplace, every home, every vehicle: death is waiting outdoors.

No one knows whether the phenomenon is a freak weather condition, a chemical weapon, or a divine curse. One thing is certain: what’s lying outside is not snow. And unlike snow, it is not melting away.

Tensions escalate as the dreadful reality dawns. What will happen when our food runs out? How can we be rescued if we’re merely a handful among millions? How can the rescue services function when vehicles can’t use roads and aircraft have nowhere to land? How will anyone anywhere survive?

Trade paperback available to purchase worldwide from the author's website

Price at $7.99 plus shipping.

Ebook version downloadable for FREE.

Book not on sale through Amazon.

Monday, July 14, 2008


My personal favorite truth be known! And since I not only love them, but am also quite adept at writing them, I was asked to be a guest blogger to explain just how I do it! Check it out at:


And the nominees are ...

Well first off Time Masters Book One; The Call was a finalist in the Indie Excellence Book Awards. This is a big deal and certainly made my publisher happy. In fact my publisher had quite of few of their authors do well in various contests this year. You get that wonderful email that says you've won! But it's even more interesting when people start congratulating you on things that you have no idea you were involved in! I received several congratulatory emails from people telling me about my "nomination". Nomination? Nomination for what? Why am I always the last to know these things! I need to get out more! Lo and behold however, I was featured author for the month of June for the same site sponsering the Pluto Awards. Check it out at:

The Pluto awards will announce their winner in September. Time Masters is one of the nominees. And here is a complete list:

FLASHPOINT by Frank Creed

THE LION VRIE by Christopher Hopper

BLUE by Melanie Budiarto

IN EXILE by Joanne Hall

SHEPHERD'S QUEST by Brian S. Pratt

WIND FOLLOWER by Carole McDonnell

TAU 4 by V. J. Waks


VIRTUAL EVIL by Jana G. Oliver

TIME MASTERS: THE CALL by Geralyn Beauchamp

QUEST'S END by Brian S. Pratt

MASON'S LINK by Bill Andrews

For more information go to:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This month, CFRB presents Chenoa's Spiritual Journey by Becky Jane Dice.

About the Book:
Chenoa Fawn Gray Owl and her four-year-old brother, River, live in Whiteriver, Arizona on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation but her parents are about to make a decision that will change all that. She will be giving up family, friends, and the only home she knows though not by choice. The Gray Owls travel to Ohio to visit with their mother's childhood friends Douglas and Barbara Ream for the holidays. While there Chenoa’s father intends to ask Douglas for a position at his clinic. He’s doing all this in the interest of providing a better future for his children but instead Chenoa considers the move a serious inconvenience she’d rather not deal with. During the family visit to Ohio her parents die in a car crash and the Reams become the kids’ legal guardians. These circumstances force Chenoa to adjust to living without her parents as well as off the reservation. Although Chenoa's parents were Christians, she wasn't and thus her spiritual journey commences.

About the Author:
Becky Jane Dice lives in a small town in northeastern Ohio with her husband. She has three young adult novels in print following the story of Chenoa with more to come. In addition she has published numerous individual poems and five anthologies of her poetry.


Barnes and Noble
and Yahoo

Monday, June 2, 2008

*About the Author:*

Elaine Lyons Bach has been a director and teacher of drama and literature in
high school and college over the last 30 years, taking sabbaticals to write
and travel. She wrote Gentle Journey to fill two major voids she found
common among her students: the need to plumb the depths of the things that
really matter, and the need to know with certainty that we are loved

*About the Book:*

Driven, altruistic Eden Barrett yearns to bring about social reform using
her artistic talent. Unaware of the enemies lurking in her future, when her
initial plans go awry, she finds employment as a governess, hoping to
continue to hone her talent in her free time. Eden immediately defies
tradition when she rescues two climbing boys and houses them on the estate
of her new employer. A man of integrity, like-minded in all but one
insurmountable aspect, Colin Ashton, Seventh Earl of Edmund, finds the
sparks flying as he matches wits with the new governess to his
high-spirited, precocious, and controlling sister. He would fire Eden if not
for his sister's pleas on her behalf. Eden spurns marriage as a sure way for
a female in Regency England's society to become a slave to the will of
another. Fully aware, though, that her will and his do not agree and that he
is far above her station, she is helplessly drawn to the capable lord. It
seems his interest is in a beautiful neighbor, The Honorable Cassandra
Bradley, whose brother is obviously taken with Eden. Lives will be
transformed in their unforgettable journey of adventure, passionate
emotions, and enduring love.

*Book Details:*

Gentle Journey
Elaine Lyons Bach
Fiction Romance
Outskirts Press (February 9, 2007) 248 pgs
ISBN: 978-1598009040

Purchase a copy of Gentle Journey at the following sites:

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Winners of the National Time Master Give Away Are:

1. Dona W. of Temecula, CA

2. Landon K. of Modesto, CA

3. Pamela M. of Mason, TN

4. Cheri J. of Pensacola, FL

5. Mimi B. of Annandale, MN

6. Donald James P. of Puyallup, WA

7. Kathy C. of Portland, OR

8. Teyha V. of Gladstone, OR

9. Linda F. of Trumbull, CT

10. Nicolette L. of Selden, NY

11. Cindi H. of Edwardsville, IL

12. Cathi H. of Amelia, OH

13. Rowena W. of Jenks, OK

14. Kay C. of Frisco, TX

15. Kathy B. of Fort Morgan, CO

16. Debra U. of Colorado

17. Bill B. of Philadelphia, PA

18. Sue R. of Auburn, WA

19. Kristy C. of Oklahoma City, OK

20. Emily H. of Elkton, KY

Congratulations to you all! I'll be signing and sending out your copy of Time Masters in the next week or so! I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Christian Fiction Review Blog presents its May 2008 novel on tour:
ASULON: Sword of Fire
by William R. McGrath

A fantasy trilogy comprised of ASULON, ERETZEL & APOCALYPSE

The story begins in a society that resembles the western world during the decline of the Roman republic. Prince Daniel is driven from his homeland after his father is assassinated. Seeking safety, Daniel sails to the land of his maternal grandfather Anak. Anak is the last of the /Grigori/, a third group of angels who remained neutral during the war between the angels loyal to God and those rebelling with Lucifer. After the war, the Grigori were banished to the earth to live in mortal bodies. Anak's sons are the Anakim, giants unequaled in battle.

Traveling with Daniel are: Simon, a priest of the Lord Yeshua whose powers hint that he is more than a simple priest, and the Swordmaster Moor, Daniel's teacher and head of the king's bodyguards. Moor has sworn revenge on the powerful men who ordered the king's assassination. Also on the voyage is Rachel, a princess of the land of Eretzel and one whose songs carry healing gifts from God.

On the voyage Daniel and Rachel fall in love, but are later parted when Rachel's homeland is invaded. Working behind the scenes are philosophers, rich merchants and sorcerers, each moving to shape events to his own end. As old powers fall, new ones rise and the despotic Antiochus becomes Emperor of the West. The Anakim discover that the Magog, a people of the far north, have been breeding creatures that are half man and half beast for their use in war. The Anakim also discover how they themselves are linked to the terrible secret of these creatures' birth. The Magog plan an invasion of the gold rich Southlands, but Eretzel stands as a bridge to those lands and must be defeated first.

Buried far below the Great Temple in the capital city of Eretzel is the Sword of Fire, the weapon first used to guard the entrance to the Garden of Eden after the Fall of Man. Antiochus is searching for the sword. Daniel is told the secret to retrieving the sword and must keep this weapon out of the hands of Antiochus, less the dictator use it to bring all mankind under his control. Armed with the sword of fire, Daniel evades the men and creatures sent by Antiochus, while searching for Rachel throughout Eretzel and the lands that surround it.

The story ends with a battle between East and West in the valley of Megido, the return of the Lord Yeshua to rule the earth and a view of the first thirty days of the Millenial Kingdom.

About the Author: William R. McGrath

William R. McGrath is a thirty year practitioner of the Filipino martial art of Pekiti-Tirsia and a veteran law enforcement officer. He has traveled across the U.S. and Europe teaching martial arts and police defensive tactics (techniques and principles of which find themselves in the fight scenes of his novels). He has written his fantasy novels seeking to emulate all those classic books he read in his teens that gave him a life long love of reading.

William's interests include: Martial arts, Ancient history and military strategy, Fantasy stories from the epics to fairy tales, Christian apologetics and theology.

McGrath's Website:

Book Details:

William R. McGrath
Epic Fantasy
PTI Press; January 1, 2008; 296 pgs; $14.95
ISBN: 978-0-9801058-0-3

Purchase a copy of Asulon at the following sites:

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Take on Never Ceese

It's amazing how one little book can cause such a stir. Not only has Sue Dent's book Never Ceese managed to capture the imaginations of its readers but some very interesting readers at that. And no wonder. The book has some very interesting characters in it. Interesting enough to catch the attention of ... well other characters.

Kitty Morgan, my ditzy, boy crazy character from Time Masters Book One; The Call, was last seen by Christian Fiction Review Blogger Cathi Hassan as she spotted Kitty hopping a plane to London. Kitty has been obsessed with Sue Dent's characters Richard and Ceese from Never Ceese and seems bent on ferreting some information out of them. Let's see what she found out, shall we? Now it would be much more fitting to have another character from Time Masters interrogate Kitty. But when asked they all suddenly had something to do, so now yours truly is stuck with the job. (Those traitors!) I just had to find out what went on during Kitty's visit, not without at least a little help though. And as Kitty is now back between the pages of Time Masters where she belongs, you the reader will have to make do with the police transcript of our conversation:

TTM: Tell me Kitty, when you flew to London, what exactly was it you hoped to gain by questioning anyone? And just what the heck were you asking folks about anyway?


TTM: Kitty, you might want to pay attention and answer the question.

KM: OH! I'm sorry! What was the question?

TTM: EXASPERATED. What were you doing chasing after people in London and why were you wanting to question them!?

KM: Oh, uh ... bats and wolves.

TTM: Bats and wolves?!

KM: Yes, bats and wolves. You see, my cat disappeared a few weeks ago, remember when I borrowed your blog to let every one know?

TTM: How can any of us forget?

KM: Anyway I had heard rumors of a bat and a wolf in the vicinity and thought one of them may have had something to do with it but I was wrong. Boy was I wrong!

TTM: How so?

KM: Well, niether the bat or the wolf had anything to do with my missing cat! And come to think of it, the bat and the wolf really aren't what they are at all. Well, sort of.

TTM: Could you be more specific?

KM: FIDGETS IN HER CHAIR ... A LOT. Well you see, I found something that explains about the bat and the wolf and thought that maybe I might find out something to help me find my cat!

TTM: And??????

KM: Well what I found will astound you!

TTM: And just what did you find?



KM: I know!

TTM: PAUSES AND BEGINS TO COUNT TO TEN SLOWLY Yes Kitty, I know it's a book. But just what does it have to do with anything?

KM: Read the cover, silly!

TTM: Never Ceese

KM: Precisly!


KM: The bat is really a vampire and the wolf is really a werewolf!


KM: Really! It's all chronicled in that book there! This woman named Sue Dent recorded the whole thing and everything is in that book!

TTM: Everything?

KM: Oh yes! You see, there is a vampire named Richard, and a werewolf named Ceese and they both are striving for the same thing. Well, maybe not at first, Richard seems a little reluctant to believe Ceese when she tells him she wants to be rid of the curse put on her to be a werewolf. The same curse she could easily pass on to another person if she wanted to. Well, so can Richard for that matter but Richard you see, doesn't believe that the curses which make them what they are can be lifted at all. So he's not so hot on the idea at first. But at least both of them agree that what has happened to them is a curse. They also both seem to think that the other is awefully familiar somehow. Like they've known each other before or maybe they've run into each other but had forgotten about it or maybe it's that dejabu .... I mean dejavu thing ...


KM: ...but anyway, my question is do they remember who they really are? Could they? How painful would it be? I'm telling you it's all in the book you hold in your hand! OH and that's not all! They travel to New York to find the one person who can possibly help them and guess what?!


KM: Not only can the girl they are hoping is able to help, can't as she's still looking for the same answers they are, but there's danger waiting for them! This, this, this ... oh what would you call him? Ahhh a bad person! That's it, a really bad person has plans of his own for poor Richard and Ceese! Ah, why is your eye twitching like that?

TTM: COVERS EYE WITH ONE HAND Let me see if I can translate all this. Richard and this Ceese travel to New York in search of answers to see if their curses can be lifted, but when they get there they encounter a lot more than they bargained for?

KM: Yeah! That's it! Your eye is stil twitching.

TTM: Never mind about my eye. What else happens?

KM: Well, what I wanted to ask them is why they are searching so hard? What if they don't find they are looking for? What price are they willing to pay to make sure they get to heaven?

TTM: Heaven?

KM: Well of course, silly! Why else would you want a curse that was put on you lifted? Wouldn't you want to be able to go to heaven and be with Jesus when you die?

TTM: STARES AT KITTY DUMBFOUNDED Indeed. And do they? And what about the bad person? What's he up to?

KM: Well if you knew about a real vampire and werewolf what would you do? Don't vampires and werewolves live for a really, really, really long time?

TTM: Yes, yes I suppose they do. So this bad person's greed is driving him to do some pretty despicable things?

KM: Oh you better beleive it!

TTM: Well, what happens then? What does he do? What sort of danger are Richard and Ceese in? Do they get out of it, is anyone hurt, do they finally find the answers they are looking for?


TTM: Kitty ....

KM: I don't know.

TTM: What do you mean you don't know?!

KM: I couldn't finish, it's too scary for me!

TTM: But we all want to know what happens! How do Richard and Ceese meet in the first place and what do you mean they seem familiar to each other? Do they know each other from a long time ago or what? How do they know to go to New York to search for answers? Who is the person in New York that is helping them?

KM: FOLDS HER ARMS DEFIANTLY I don't want to talk about it any more.

TTM: BEGINS TO PACE THE ROOM What do you mean you don't want to talk about it anymore! You can't just leave us all hanging like this! We want to know what happens!

KM: STOMPS HER FOOT Well then read the book!

TTM: Oh ... good idea. Just where did you find this?

KM: I found it at and there are all sorts of other people talking about Richard and Ceese right now too. Maybe you can find out what happens from them! Just follow the links! I'm not saying another word! I have to go look for my cat!

End of Transcript

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's always good to get to know an author better. And what better way than through an interview. I interviewed author Sue Dent and picked her brain on some things! Check it out!

1. So what got you started in writing? Have you always had a hankering for the craft or did you get a taste later in life and develop an insatiable craving that had to be satisfied?

SD: I’m creative. I have to have an outlet. I initially pursued art but I let someone convince me that I could never make “a living” at this and so I went into computers. To fill the creative void, I started writing. This was in college. I suppose I thought I might like to be published one day but it was more about filling that creative void. I didn’t care if anyone else ever read my stories though I did like to share them.

2. What prompted you to write horror? Have you always enjoyed the genre?

SD: I hate the genre! LOL I’ve read a few books by Mr. Stephen King but that stuff scares me. *Barbosa slips in to add his take* Aye, but vampires and werewolves—yes that would be my weakness!

The only thing I remember actually writing when I was a child was something about vampires which I hid in the record player compartment of our large console television set. (The record player was built-in.) I only hid it because I was embarrassed about writing. I thought everyone would think I was loony. (No, they didn’t think that automatically, believe it or not.) I’m sure it had something to do with Dark Shadows as I LOVED the little snippets I’d catch of Barnabus Collins. Most of my lore comes from what I’ve seen on television and movies and not from books. I've never read Anne Rice. I never had an interest. I suppose I always knew how I wanted my vampires and werewolves to be and I’d let no one change that.

Other that that, I don’t consider my work horror and had to get confirmation. I submitted it to a few famed “horror” writers only to have them all sign off on the fact. Okay, so it qualifies. Yay me (doing my best London Tipton impression. Yes, I watch the Disney channel!)! Another market to work. I was an invited guest of Nicholas Grabowsky (author of Halloween IV) at the World Horror Convention in March 2007 and I fit right in. Maybe I do like the genre after all. Those authors were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

3. Were you at all worried about how to balance the horror aspect with the Christian aspects of the story? Very well done by the way.

SD: Very worried because I’m a Christian but I knew it could be done. I just had to work a little harder and not get lazy. That’s where my creativeness shines through though, I think.

4. You’ve got some interesting twists and surprises in Never Ceese. Was it fun to keep us guessing through out the story?

SD: Keep up! Those twists and surprises are a pretty good example of how my mind works. And NO it wasn’t fun to keep you guessing! Blame my editor. I wanted to tell everyone a lot of the stuff at the beginning and she wouldn’t let me!! Thank God for editors. LOL

5. How long did it take you to write Never Ceese? And how did you come up with the idea for such an intriguing story?

SD: I had several other stories I’d started and not finished but when I decided I wanted to pursue getting published, I tried to think of a genre that was selling. Hey, that sort of sounds like I knew what I was doing but I didn’t do any research so the logic means nothing. LOL I then decided to just write something with elements I liked. And well, I like vampires! The werewolf part didn’t come into play until Richard got bored and thank goodness he was happy after that because I’m not quite sure how I would’ve worked a zombie into the mix!!

6. Have you thought of writing for the suspense genre?

SD: I don’t think about anything when I write except getting the dang story out of my head! All of my stories will be suspenseful I suppose. Remember, I just write to scratch my creative itch. It could be about anything.

7. Do you find it hard to market a book that can cross the lines between the CBA and ABA? Or has it been easier to concentrate on one or the other?

SD: Okay, let me step back from this question for a second to help readers, who don’t know where I came from, understand why this question is so confusing to authors outside the CBA and ECPA market.

Authors outside these two niche markets understand that ABA stands for American Booksellers Association and that this is an affiliation designed to help Independent booksellers only. Authors in the general market don’t see ABA as a market and never discuss them as such. ABA is used widely in the CBA and ECPA market to denote “secular” however. Frank Creed has an excellent article about the Christian publishing industry that explains more than I have room to in this interview.

When I wrote Never Ceese I was not aware of CBA or ECPA. My Christian publisher was not affiliated. It wasn’t until readers of this market began coming to me that I became aware. I now know that CBA and ECPA are two very large profitable markets that serve conservative evangelicals and have strict content guidelines to ensure publishers don’t offend that market.

I don’t write for a particular niche market. I write for the general Christian market and general market. If you ask me is it hard to market a book that can cross the lines between what a Christian might read and enjoy and what a non-Christian might read and enjoy, then I can answer that! Yes. It’s a little touch and go. I know that I’m not going to please everyone. I don’t necessarily concentrate on one over the other but I do in some instances. I call it responsible writing.

8. Richard and Ceese have an interesting relationship through out the story. It keeps one guessing as to where it is going! And then, surprise! Timing is so crucial with revelations given to characters and thus your readers. Do you like the natural tension such a thread woven through out the story gives? Did you have to really plot it out or did it just grow as you went? I’m trying not to reveal too much here to future readers!

SD: I’m not kidding when I told you my editor had to put her foot down. I was so excited about what was going to happen, I wanted to let everyone know. But then I so enjoyed the process of giving a little at a time that I finally understood the importance. Timing is crucial and it became natural to me very quickly. The plot really did grow as I went and does the same in Forever Richard. In fact, the last line came to me and I wrote the entire end of the book around it.

At least with my new publisher, The Writers Café Press, and new editor Cynthia (and The Finishers) I have someone to bug on a regular basis. She loved my last line so I knew it was to be!

9. Forever Richard is next! Any hints as to what we might expect? Will Richard have the same amount of tension build and suspense in it?

SD: I’m afraid so . . . or maybe that’s a good thing! LOL There is a preview chapter available but it’s upset several already. They said it just makes them mad because they know they can’t have the book yet. I guess that’s a good thing.

10. Any other projects in the works you can tell us about?

SD: Well there are the four books I wrote before but didn’t quite finish. My modern day western/rodeo is the one closest to being finished but I might get strangled if I don’t write a certain book next. Let’s just say that Always Meri; Syn No More is starting to look like a good title. And a prequel is already being worked on. Good thing since I signed a three or four book deal with TWCP! What was I thinking? :o

A very good thing! For all of us who love the books! Thanks Sue for taking the time to take time away from writing to answer my questions. Oh, and if you should see my character Kitty Morgan from Time Masters anywhere, tell her to come home! She seems to be obsessed with Richard and Ceese!

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This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring Sue Dent's enthralling book, Never Ceese. I'll be posting a couple of times and that rogue character from Time Masters Book One; The Call, Kitty Morgan will probably manage something as she is STILL running around the internet ranting to anyone and everyone about her stupid missing cat and telling tales about a bat and a wolf which may or may not be Sue's, but we shall see if we can ever pin Kitty down long enough to question her on the matter.

In the mean time, let's learn a little something about Sue and her book, Never Ceese.


Sue Dent hails from Mississippi. She graduated from Mississippi College in 1983. Since graduating she’s sold computers, taught computer classes and has worked as a Technical Specialist IV for the Mississippi Department of Natural Resources.

Her first book Never Ceese was published in May of 2006. It has since been short-listed for a Bram Stoker Award in the category of Superior Achievement in a First Novel. Never Ceese was also voted book club choice for the month of April 2007 at the ACFW (American Christian Writers Association).

Last March Sue was an invited guest of Nicholas Grabowsky to the World Horror Convention in Toronto Canada. Never Ceese was also at Comic-Con 2007in San Diego and represented by Head Press Publishing.

Of her writing, which continues to successfully cross both Secular and Christian boundaries, Sue says, “Well, somebody had to do it. Might as well be me."

Her much anticipated sequel Forever Richard is due out Fall 2008 published by The Writers’ Café Press. Watch for an announcement this summer for the unveiling of the official release date and release party!

As always, watch and for updates.

Never Ceese Summary:

A determined young werewolf acting on her long-held wish to free herself of her curse, teams up with a skeptical vampire who can no longer admit that having his curse removed is something he wants.

Will Cassi Felts be able to help them, as her grandmother implored her to do? or will they suffer at the hands of a radical and evil stem cell researcher?
Book Adminis-trivia: (ok, I made that up, but you get the idea)

Never Ceese
Author Sue Dent
Young Adult Fantasy
ISBN: 978-159958-017-3
Publisher: Journey Stone Creations
2006; 300 pgs; hardcover; $17.95

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National Time Master Book Give Away!

Woo Hoo! A Book Give Away! Yes, a book give away. Twenty Books to be exact. Autographed even. This of course means a drawing! Which of course means you have to enter. Which at this point means I have to give you some pertinent information on the matter! Ok fine!

So toddle on over to my website if you will at and sign up for the Time Master newsletter. Winners will be announced in the May/June newsletter. Please send your name, snail mail address, contact email along with the answer to the secret question to to enter the drawing. Entries will be taken through April 25, 2008. No we do not give your email out. It’s to let you know if you won! And of course to find out if you want to be announced as a winner in the May/June newsletter under your real name, secret identity, or borrow your uncle Charlie’s identity. At any rate, we would like to let folks know the lucky twenty! OH WHAT’S THE SECRET QUESTION? I’m glad you asked. For those of you who like a bit of a hunt, here’s a little question to answer when you enter.

What is the name of Dallan MacDonald’s little brother?

You can find the answer at:

Hint: It’s in the prologue posted on the amazon page!

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Kitty Morgan Has Escaped!

Kitty Morgan, my ditzy, boy crazy character from Time Masters Book One; The Call, has escaped the pages and is running all over the internet trying to find her dumb cat! She's raving about some book the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring in April that apparently has a bat and a wolf in it and I think Kitty has them at the top of her suspect list! Along with a few dragons, orcs and individuals of questionable character. She's trying to recruit other characters to help her in her quest of finding her cat, Sinclair. So far she's managed to talk about the wolf and the bat on Shoutlife, Myspace, The Time Mistress's blog, and I'm sure if I turn my back she'll have it posted on the Time Master Blog too! That ding dong will have that bat and wolf all talked up within days darn her! But I hear Kitty is actually WORRIED about the bat and the wolf, which she thinks are in some sort of danger. Quite the puzzle! She also thinks the bat and the wolf are not just a bat and a wolf! Who is responsible for them? What is her name .... ahhhh .... DENT! That's it! Sue Dent! Ah ha! And her bat and wolf are characters in a book called .... just a minute ... I can remember it .... ahhhhh NEVER CEESE! Yes, that's it! Never Ceese. Whew, for a second there I thought my memory was failing me.

Ok, so if anyone sees Kitty, tell her I need her back amongst the pages by chapter fourteen of Time Masters Book Two; The Prophecy or I'm going to tan her hide! And tell her to leave the bat and the wolf alone!!!!! If they are in danger then that's their problem! Good gravies! What next?

Something Ate My Cat!


Yes, I'm sure of it! I haven't seen Sinclair for nearly two weeks now and I'm sure something had him for lunch! Gaaaawwwwsh but I'm upset about it! And everybody be really quiet too! You see, my name is Kitty Morgan and I managed to sneak out of the pages of Time Masters to find Sinclair! Well, that is if there is anything left to find ... but I'm an optimist you see! All I need is a little help to find out what happened. At least if I knew what happened then I could go back to where I came from and no one will be the wiser! But I only have until chapter fourteen of Time Masters Book Two the Prophecy to solve this! If I come up missing I'll be in BIG trouble! Gawsh but I better move fast!

What makes me think something ate my cat? What makes me think?! Good golly! For one there are characters from other books perfectly capable of eating my poor Sinclair! I think some of them come from books by authors belonging to the Christian Fiction Review Blog! They are going to be touring a book next month that I bet could be trouble! It has a wolf and a bat that wanders around not only this place but I hear they get into other places as well! At least I think it's just a wolf and a bat. Could be something more, I'm not sure but I'm not leaving them off the suspect list! And what about the dragons?! There are a few of those mind you and they definitely could have made Sinclair into a tasty snack! Ohhhh what am I to do? I need help! Aren't there any other characters from the CFRB's other books who can help me find my poor Sinclair? I need the police! Are there any policemen in there? Detectives? Sleuths? Someone told me there was actually a dragon private eye in Shoutlife and the CFRB, not that he'll do me much good. For all I know HE is the culprit of this horrid crime! Could any characters from that CFRB group help me? I think I know a few of the members and they all are quite agreeable. I don't think they'd eat me ...that I know of that is ....

Maybe I can ask the new neighbors, some chap by the name of Duke Vahn. His wife seems nice. I bet she would answer my questions and tell me if she saw anything! If only I could get in touch with Dallan and Shona from Time Masters. But I can't travel through time, and they left me at the end of book one The Call for the far future. A dragon might be able to travel that far. I wonder if that dragon private eye is a good dragon, or a bad dragon? Ohhhhh gaswh! I'm stuck! Who can tell me what to do next? HELP!

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Interview With Author/Reviewer Kevin Lucia

Yes, I have crawled out of the writing cave long enough to post for the current Christian Fiction Review Blog Tour of Mark Mynheir's book The Void, and to debut my Interview Trails. Maybe I can get Mr. Mynheir to travel the trail too, but in the mean time, here we go.

As a writer and coach it is always interesting to not only be interviewed by fellow authors, coaches, and reviewers, but to be the one doing the interviewing. And let me tell you, I have a list of authors I would love to interview and thus be able to educate and enlighten my coaching clients, fellow authors, reviewers, avid readers and fans. In the case of fellow authors this is especially true when it comes to marketing their books and time management. So to start off this wondrous adventure called “The Interview Trail” I’d like to begin with someone who has his hands in everything. And I do mean everything!

Kevin Lucia is a husband, father, author, columnist, works a day job and goes to school! Wow! How does he do it? Let’s find out!

1. Kevin, first the basics, when did you discover your penchant for writing and when did you really decide to get serious with it?

Back in the 8th grade, I started thinking that writing stories would be a cool. I had always been a voracious reader, and I started wondering what it would be like to be on the “other side” of the whole process. However, I never considered the whole “author” thing until I finally presented my senior high English teacher with my first “manuscript”, lovingly scrawled in a Mead spiral notebook. When she told me: “You need to get published”, that was it.

The “getting serious” thing has been a multi-stage process. Ever since that moment in high school, every three years or so, I devoted more and more time to writing. However, about two years ago, when I finally decided I knew nothing about the publishing world really and I needed to get informed – when I first picked up Stephen King’s On Writing and read it cover to cover in a few days - that’s when things got “serious”, because I began thinking of the craft itself, understanding the publishing world, and my own discipline as writer and person.

2. When you are working on a writing project, along with all the other things your week involves, how much time are you able to contribute to your writing?

At this stage, depending on what projects are due for graduate school, I average 3-5 hours a day. I wake up every morning at 3 AM and write for about three hours before everyone else wakes up. I write during lunch at school, and in between classes at grad school. If I have enough energy left over at night, I write just before I go to bed, even if it’s only a few lines to keep the story fresh.

This has required many sacrifices. I don’t watch television much anymore; nor do I blog as much. I really have no social life, because it’s literally come down to the choice: do I do this, or do I write?

3. With your busy schedule, what marketing methods for your books, articles and short stories do you find work best for you? Which are the least effective?

Right now, not much. My Myspace: works best, connecting me to so many different types of folks, especially because I’m not strictly writing just Christian fiction right now – I’m all over the map, genre-wise. I bulletin my reviews weekly, post them in the blog, and I’ve built a pretty user-friendly layout that takes visitors to all my free and for pay works on the ‘Net.

I keep my website updated: – which luckily gets weekly play in the byline of my column in The Press & Sun Bulletin. THAT has been huge locally. I also have an email newsletter through which I send updates and little quips about my writing journey – and I’m ALWAYS looking for more subscribers. It’s free, after all – wink, wink. Just send a blank email to

I do have a book signing coming up at our local Barnes & Noble, April 3rd, but that’s unique for someone with no novel. I was blessed to have three different short stories appear in rather large anthologies: “The Way Station” in Coach’s Midnight Diner (The Relief Journal), “Right Choices” in Life Savors (Tyndale House), and “Killing Time” in From The Shadows (Triad Publishing Group). Other than that, I do small press releases in the paper, but that’s about it.

4. In your opinion, how important is the support of family for a writer?

Essential. I couldn’t do this without my wife’s support, encouragement, and respect.

5. You blog quite a bit about short story writing. Do you feel the short story is something novelists should delve into for extra fun and income?

Even beyond fun and income – for me, anyway, I discovered I knew nothing about writing fiction until I gave up my novelist dreams and really concentrated on the short story. It’s made my focus razor-sharp: I’ve never before been this concerned with word economy, different narrative styles, meaningful dialogue and the craft itself. All those years re-writing the same novel manuscript over and over, and I didn’t realize I knew nothing about writing fiction until I focused on my short work.

6. Do you think your short story writing a good marketing tool for your future full length novels?

For the most part, I don’t think of it that way, because all novel plans are on hold for the time being, but the way I’m doing it, I think – I hope – so. Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) had a very strategic re-release of his short story collection 20th Century Ghosts, right on the heels of his bestseller Heart-Shaped Box. I decided to kill several birds with one stone, and took the small haunted town I wanted to set my novel in, and started writing short stories about all the folks who would be supporting characters in my suspended novel. At the end of my MA in Creative Writing, I have to present my thesis – my collection of short stories – and publish. I’d love it if I could time things just right – release the collection short term with a small press and limited contract, and if and when the novel becomes a reality, if it does well enough, maybe I could re-release the collection as a companion to the novel itself.

That being said, even if I become a novelist, I’ll never stop writing short stories. I follow my creative whims, wherever they lead.

7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are working on a full length novel now. For those of us who write novels, the short story is somewhat daunting. How to fit so much in so little? For you this may be different. What challenges are you facing with a full length manuscript as opposed to the short story?

Actually, I did have a synopsis and chapter request made by NavPress, but when they passed on it, I suspended all novel activity. Rod Morris – who is a stand-up, class act guy, and is now with Harvest House, I believe – said as their acquisitions agent at the time: “It was a good read, but not outstanding.”

You have to understand: I’m a life-long reader who has read SO many books; I hold a BA in English/Lit, and I’m pursuing my Masters in Creative Writing. I know my own writing, I’ve read outstanding writing and “good” writing, and I know the difference – and he was right. I have very high standards for myself, (leftover from those old college basketball days), and I decided to leave off all novel dreams, and just write to improve my craft.

The short story has been the perfect vehicle, and you’re right: at the beginning, writing short stories TERRIFIED me. As you can probably tell from this interview, I’m naturally long-winded. When I stared scanning journals, magazines, and ezines, and noted their world limits, I thought to myself: “How am I going to do this?”

It just takes time and patience, a commodity that I think is rare among young writers today. We live in an “on demand” culture, and people want success quickly, in all walks of life. They don’t want to experience rejection; they don’t want to be told: “You’re just not good enough.” As an athlete, if I was told I wasn’t good enough; I gritted my teeth, went out and hit the weights, ran further in the morning, and did more push-ups. It’s the same with writing.

My first short story ever – “The Way Station”, which took Editor’s Choice Honors for Midnight Diner – was 10,000 words long, and I killed myself to do that a year ago. Now, depending on the story I need to tell, I average 5,000 – 7,000 words, and I’ve written ones as short as 3,000 words. Writing short stories helps an author learn perhaps the most important thing: what’s important to the story, and what’s not?

8. The publishing industry is experiencing a shift. Some are calling this 'The Rise of The Author' stage. Self publishing is making it easier for someone to write a book and get it out there. Unfortunately, much of what is being turned out is poor quality. On the other hand, there have been some incredible books by self published or small press authors turn up lately. Rather like finding a pearl or diamond hidden in a pile of rubble and dust. As a reviewer and author, what is the best way to see a self-published work get noticed?

This is a tough question, because as of yet, there’s still a stigma surrounding self-publishing, and with all honesty – a lot of it’s deserved. I even briefly considered self-publishing myself, but early in my reviewing career, all the self-pubbed works sent to me for review were just not quality, so I decided not to pursue that avenue.

I think the key avenue if an author is going to publish independently is the small press. This is the area that POD technology is most likely to change and improve; making it more affordable for reputable small presses to open their doors to new writers.

Honestly, I’m an old fashioned sort of guy – if a work is good enough, self-published, small press, or big press, word will get out, and people will buy. On a practical level, everyone needs multiple Internet “presences”, they need to tour, they need to find speaking engagements, and blog tours are all the rage today. Having a regular byline doesn’t hurt either. However, it’s important to understand – I think – that a writer could have all of these, and if the story is just not selling, that says a lot in itself.

9. Even among the traditionally published authors, we face the same up-hill battle of getting our names and works out there. There seems to be no line between self-published and traditionally published works if both are of high quality when it comes to the writing. Do you find that when it comes to reviewing works of excellent quality by an unknown author that word of mouth is still the best way to promote their books?

Yes, I do – and this is another thing I think that’s fallen victim to our “now” culture. Word of mouth spreads differently for everyone; and it seems like many folks don’t have the patience to wait for that to happen.

10. Tell us a little about your most recently published work. What are you doing to get the word out?

The most recent story I’m actually promoting is a dark thriller/suspense short story called “Killing Time”, which is in the anthology From The Shadows (Triad Publishing Group). Really, I’ve just posted it on Myspace, and I bulletin it from time to time. I will be having a book signing, replete with a reading, door prizes, and lots of other fun stuff – maybe even some poetry. Should be a good time.

11. What projects do we have to look forward to from you? What's the ultimate writing project you would like to tackle in the next few years?

Currently, I’m engaged in multiple projects. I’m in the finishing stages of a fairy tale re-write for perhaps the biggest contest I’ve ever entered, CatsCurious’ Fairie Tale Kynde contest. I’m also tinkering with a noir/crime fiction entry for the second edition of Coach’s Midnight Diner. Along with several rewrites of the usual retinue of rejected short stories, the biggest project right now is a graphic novel adaptation of a short story of mine that appears on Perpetual Magazine, “Asphalt Oceans by Midnight”. With talented graphic artist and writer Corey Club and long-time friend and UBER talented artist Nathan Slater, we’re imagining a graphic novel, contemporary re-telling of the Beowulf legend. Triad Publishing is interested in making it the cornerstone of their new graphic novel imprint. If you’re on Myspace, go add us at:

BIG projects in the next two years: publishing my story collection, and expanding on my current Diner crime fiction story for St. Martin’s annual “Minotaur Mystery” manuscript contest.

12. Any advice for other folks trying to balance career, family, and their writing?

Take your duties to God and family first – and then after that, you have to be merciless, honestly. If you’re going to write seriously, it takes time, commitment, and discipline. For example, I miss The Simpsons dearly – but I love writing more.

Of course, I could never give up Supernatural – but then again, that’s research for me. 

13. Ok, here's a question just for fun. This is actually from a coaching exercise I do with my clients. If you were to jump ahead in time twenty years, what sort of advice would the older Kevin give the younger Kevin when it comes to balancing his life and his writing?

Why are you doing this interview? You have a story to finish!

Basically a repeat of #12, I imagine. Once God and family are in the right place, you have to really decide what it is you want. I think the biggest mistake wanna-be writers make is not realizing how hard it is, and how long it takes.

Thanks Kevin for taking the time to answer my questions, enlighten my readers, and to acknowledge the fact I should now crawl back into my writing cave and work on Time Masters Book Two; The Prophecy, before anyone else yells at me! But before I return to the cave, I will mention that Kevin has written over 200 articles, reviews, and interviews, has 14 short stories published, and 9 poems published. He will also be featured in the June issue of Stand Firm magazine - which goes out to over 80,000 men - highlighting the best fiction for Christian men in an interview. Wowzers! And I thought I spent a lot of time in the writing cave!!!!!

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CFRB March Blog Tour of The Void by Mark Mynheir

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring Mark Mynheir's book, The Void. Here is a summary of Mr. Mynheir's enthralling novel, the third installment of The Truth Chaser Series:

Someone’s trying to play God…
and he’s turning Palm Bay into hell.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Agent Robbie Sanchez devotes her life to crime prevention, and it shows: She has no personal life and doesn’t know the meaning of a day off. After all, someone has to be around to clean up the mess crime leaves behind.

So when Officer Brad Worthington is brutally murdered, Agent Sanchez is called to the scene along with Brad’s best friend, Detective Eric Casey. The two turn to Lifetex, the genetics lab near the scene, hoping their elaborate security system might have captured the crime outside.

But what’s going on inside the lab is far worse: a renegade scientist is cloning humans! As Robbie and Eric pursue clues–and a growing attraction–they are caught in a deadly battle as the clones begin to act on their own volition…but this battle threatens to claim more than human life; the clones are vying for human souls.

Later this week we'll take a closer look at Mr. Mynheir himself. Having been raised by a homicide detective myself, I'm always eager to learn more about authors who delve into crime and mystery!

Check out Mark's website at: http://www.copwrite

And you can purchase the book on amazon: com/exec/ obidos/asin/ 1590524004

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Post Three for Nor Iron Bars A Cage

Ok, so what do you do when your son's evil mum runs off with him to her hometown? You get him back, that's what you do! But how? Quite the question, and what Caprice Hokstad does in Nor Iron Bars A Cage in answer is something else indeed.

Now you've already read the synopsis of the book in my first post. You have a good idea what this story is all about. Duke Vahn sends Keedrina, his head slave (not to mention his wife in secret) along with his captain and a middle aged healer to Ganluc to rescue his son. It's a bold and dangerous move but he does it anyway. And Keedrina, driven by her intense love of the Duke, is willing to take what risks may come. And while she and her companions are off on their rescue mission, who should show up on the Duke's doorstep but a chick that's just bad news all the way around! And she's got her cap set on the Duke. Oh what a pickle! Manipulative, selfish and cunning, she manages to trick the duke into a game that basically lands him as her slave! Talk about going from being in a pickle to being turned into relish! Though Duke Vahn doesn't exactly relish being a slave, he is pretty good at it. But protecting one's honor will do that to a guy!

How does the Duke get out of his predicament? Will Keedrina and company rescue the Duke's son? Ahh ahh ahhhhh .... I'm not telling! Just what do you think I am? A spoiler? Not me!

It amazes me the amount of talent I have had the pleasure of reading over the last few months. Some of which I've had the chance to tour such as Caprice's book. The quality of writing is good, her storytelling ability very well done, and she has built a believable world with characters that you genuinely want to know and root for. All in all a good read and a lot of fun. And guess what? There are three books in this trilogy! Did I mention it was a trilogy? Yes it is. The Duke's Handmaiden, the first in the trilogy should definitely be read before one gets to Nor Iron Bars A Cage. There is too much back story to just jump into NIBAC, I think, and you'll want to know the characters backgrounds and story which leads up to the second installment. Soooooo, how long then will we have to wait until the third installment? Maybe if we picket Caprice she'll get it to all of us soon!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Post Two for Nor Iron Bars A Cage

Ta daaaa daaaa tatatata tatatata ta taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My sister, being an actual professional race horse jockey, would cringe at my text rendition of a races opening fanfare! Good thing for me she’s far too busy to see that. Well, not to mention lucky for me she doesn’t have a computer either! But we are not here to place bets on my sister. No, we are here to place bets on Byntar. And no, Byntar is not the name of a race horse, but it is the name of a world!

In Nor Iron Bars A Cage, the author Caprice Hokstad has created a very interesting world indeed. And let me tell you, world building is not as easy as some might think. A lot goes into creating social and political structures, religions, ways of life and how things are done day to day in the world of the author’s imagination. A writer has to give enough of the familiar to make the world they are creating believable and Caprice uses something we are all familiar with and she uses it quite well. What is this thing she uses to propel her story forward, create a platform to work from, and keep her story moving? Slavery.

Slavery. We hear the word and cringe. Slavery means to be at times naked and alone, abused at a master’s whim. Tortured and maimed. Wars are fought over it, people killed because of it. We have enough of it in our own history to know the harsh facts.
But Caprice has taken this most deplorable rank of servitude, and reminds us that to Jesus Christ, we are as slaves. Or at least we should be. In the New Testament there was the steward, the servant, and then the bond slave. Oh if only we could be as slaves to Christ! But how hard it is to do! In Nor Iron Bars A Cage, Keedrina, a slave in the house of Duke Vahn, revels in the position as slave to the Duke. Being near him is all that matters, and thus, in servitude, she finds her happiness. As should we all. But how easy is it for us to do this when it comes to God? Not an easy task.

I’ve tried to classify Nor Iron Bars A Cage. Is it a love story? A romance if you will. An adventure? Science Fiction/Fantasy? What? It contains a bit of everything, so one might classify it as mainstream fiction. I classify it as a darn good read. One to read and then ponder. The story makes you think and wonder about where your own heart is at and who it really belongs to … and who does it serve?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nor Iron Bars A Cage

The Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring Caprice Hokstad's 'Nor Iron Bars A Cage' for the month of February. To initiate my new blog, The Time Mistress, I've chosen Ms. Hokstad's book as my first review of the year. And with one's own blog, one has license to post not just once, but as many times as one wants! And I'm going to do just that. Though this first post is general information about the book, I will be posting through out the rest of the week a bit more in depth. So without further ado, let us take a general look at Caprice Hokstad's 'Nor Iron Bars A Cage'.

Synopsis: Two baby boys are lost in the hostile country of Ganluc--one the firstborn son of a prince and princess (third in line for the Royal Throne of Latoph no less) and the other an illegitimate half-breed born to an Itzi slavegirl and fathered by a licentious owner who was executed for treason. Ouch! Yet Duke Vahn, the afore mentioned prince, is determined to rescue both of these boys. Scores of knights and bounty hunters have risked their lives trying to retrieve them, yet none can even find a clue to their whereabouts. When all else fails, a bold plan is proposed to send Vahn's most trusted servant posing as a runaway slave in order to gather information. Reluctantly, Vahn sends a strange trio off to Ganluc--his brave captain, a middle-aged healer, and an Itzi slave. Little does he know what challenges await both the trio and his own house, now forced to survive without its key leaders.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Time Master Blog Tour

A blogging we will go ... a blogging we will go ... high ho the merrieoooooooooo, a blogging we will go ... Hmmmmm some how I don't think that's an actual song, but it works for me! The Time Master's blog tour hosted by the Christian Fiction Review Blog will begin Sunday January sixth and run through Saturday, January twelfth. Who knows who will be stopping by to comment amongst the bloggers! The teens? The poet? Yes, I'm working with a poet for book two. In fact, he's the top contemporary poet in the nation right now, one Poet Bartoluciano! And a very popular fellow here on myspace! Let's see, who else might show up? How about the PUBLISHER! He's mentioned he'll take a peek during the week. I keep telling you how personable they are at Cold Tree Press! Let's see, who else ... hmmmm ... my sister? Ohhh you just never know during a blog tour! I tried to show up to Kevin Lucia's guest blogging to heckle him but was late in getting there! Heckled him anyway with a comment ... er ... sort of. At this point I don't remember what I said, but I'm sure I heckled him! Of course, now it's his turn to heckle me! I'll keep you posted as to how it's all going! I know that some of you here in myspace and shoutlife are blogging! This will be fun! Check it out!
Ohhhhhhh and there's even a trailer! Ya gotta have one of those fun things!
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