Monday, October 5, 2009

If Only You Knew
by Mags Storey

This month, CFRB presents If Only You Knew by Mags

About the Book:
Jo's summer is off to a good start when she meets Kevin, an amazingly
attractive guy, and Sam, her soon- to-be best friend, on the same day. Now she
only needs a job, future plans, and a few goals for her life. No big deal,

As if that’s not enough, Jo would like to know why no talks about the
horrible accident she witnessed last summer. But as much as she wants to know
the truth, someone else wants to keep it a secret. Can she handle creepy
stalkers, death threats, and her crazy love life without losing control?

For Jo, unravelling the mystery and piecing her life together will mean
discovering if God really listens – and if he cares enough to answer.

About the Author:
Mags Storey is a writer, editor, and journalist. Born in Canada, she spent
her childhood living as a missionary in the Middle East before studying
journalism at Ryerson in Toronto. She has written for various publications in
the UK, USA and Canada, and is currently a correspondent with
ChristianWeek. She now lives in Canada with her husband Mike and their two daughters.
If Only You Knew is her debut novel.

Purchase If Only You Knew at
Barnes and Noble, Christianbook< /a> and Amazon.

Mags's Website.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

About the Book:

Those who lived in the twentieth century saw more rapid changes than any
previous century. Born at the beginning of this era, to a family that had
already faced dramatic change and challenge, Rina seemed to come into the
world with a zest for the revolution the 1900’s would bring. Based on the story
of a real person, the narrative alternates between the daily activities of
a still spunky 99-year-old Rina and her vivid memories as she relives
vignettes of her life. The impetuous and sometimes capricious nature of young
Rina almost exasperates her parents Jake and Ellie.

When she is barely a grown woman, marriage to an imaginative and sometimes
impractical dreamer husband, the arrival of babies, the great depression
and life in general take over, moulding her into a strong woman not unlike
her parents, proving the apple indeed does not fall far from the tree. The
unbelievable twists in the lives of Rina and her beloved David will keep
readers fascinated with the indomitable strength of the human spirit when there
is a solid foundation of love and faith. Although this is a sequel to
Not Easily Broken, it can readily stand on its own.

About the Author:

Ruth Smith Meyers is an Inspirational/ Motivational speaker, a regular
contributor for Rejoice Magazine, a daily devotional resource, the editor of
Marriage Encounter Newsletter and has had her poetry published in Purpose and
Christian Living Magazine.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring Jenny Cote's The Ark, the Reed and the Fire Cloud.

About the book

Wit, Whimsy, Heartache, Tragedy, Triumph and Biblical Truth A magical
adventure of animals traveling worldwide to Noah's ark Max, a Scottish terrier,
takes his usual morning trot down to the loch where he hears a mysterious
Voice humming in the reeds saying, "COME TO ME...FOLLOW THE FIRE CLOUD." He
embarks on an unknown journey from Scotland, meeting other animals along
the way including Liz, a brilliant, petite black cat from France. Max and Liz
become the brave leaders for their group, and eventually, for the entire
ark. The mysterious journey, filled with danger, humor, trials, and
triumphs, leads them across Europe to the Middle East. The moment of arrival for
these animals is spectacular as the ark is miraculously transformed into the
animals' natural habitats.

Throughout the prior one hundred years, Noah and family have to endure
ridicule from villagers while building the ark. Now this family must painfully
witness the loss of lives and total destruction of the earth through the
mighty flood. After the journey to the ark, the voyage in the ark begins. Liz
finds ways to keep the animals occupied, including daily exercise led by
the flamingos and talent night where the animals entertain each other with
their natural abilities. BUT a sinister plot develops. Someone is out to
kill Noah and his family. Liz follows clues that lead her to discover a
stowaway who has deceived them all. Max and Liz foil the plot, but at a high
price. The end climaxes with unexpected twists and turns, taking the reader
from despair to hope.

About the Author:

Jenny Cote developed a early passion for history and the sea. Her first
book, Now I Sea! (2003) is an inspirational book of sea stories and spiritual
reflections. Jenny's education and career have focused on strategic
planning and marketing in healthcare and church work. She now writes full time
and lives in Roswell, Georgia, with her husband Casey, and son Alex. She is
active in student ministry at Dunwoody Baptist Church.

The Ark, the Reed, and the Firecloud is available at http://search. barnesandnoble. com/The-Ark- the-Reed- and-the-Fire- Cloud/Jenny- Cote/e
/9780899571980/ ?itm=1">Barnes and Noble and com/gp/product/ 0899571980? ie=UTF8&tag= welctolato- 20&linkCode= as2&camp= 1789&
creative=390957& creativeASIN= 0899571980" >Amazon.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Save My Children
by Emily Wierenga

This month, CFRB presents Save My Children: The Story of a
Father's Love
by Emily Wierenga.

About the Book:
Save My Children is a fictional retelling of the true story of Harvey
and Elsie Jespersen, the founders of Bethany Homes for Children. The
Jespersens’ desire was simple: to provide a safe place for any child needing a
family. Save My Children traces the lives of battered and mistreated kids
who were cared for at Bethany Homes. From 1948-1991, the Jespersens fostered
over 800 children, taking up to fifty-five kids at a time. The Homes consisted
of old army barracks based on forty two acres of farmland. Through hard
work, determination and patience, the Jespersens transformed those barracks into
a place of refuge for generations of children. Refusing to take any payment
except what parents could afford, Harvey and Elsie depended on faith and the
generosity of others to see them through. Save My Children powerfully
demonstrates love's ability to transform brokenness into beauty.

About the Author:
Emily Wierenga is the author of Save My Children and Canvas
, a novel about Anorexia Nervosa which was short listed in 2006 for The
Word Guild’s Best New Author Award. Ms. Wierenga freelances for various
publications including Christia n Week,
Focus on the Family magazine and Faith Today. She also appeared on Canada’s most watched faith-based
television show, 100 Huntley Street, and was interviewed by the number one
spiritual talk-back show in the nation, The Drew Marshall Show.

Purchase Save My Children at Amazon and Barnes
and Noble

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

This month, CFRB is proud to present "Eretzel" by William McGrathSynopsis

The story continues where Asulon, the first book in The Sword of Fireseries, left off. The travelers: Prince Daniel of Asulon, the grimswordmaster Moor, the traveling priest and wise man Simon and princess Rachel of Eretzel have escaped from the evil Antiochus, Emperor ofUnicornia and slayer of Anak, last of the Earthbound angels. They sail for Eretzel, the land where East meets West and where thenations of the earth will gather for war. Also aboard the ship are the Anakim, the giant sons of Anak. They have sworn vengeance upon themurderer of their father. But can a being who has slain an angel be killed by mere giants? Eretzel sits at the crossroads of the earth, between the merchants ofthe West, the warriors of the North, the vast and hungry populationsof the East and the gold-rich lands of the South. Antiochus desires torule the world and his path to conquest runs through Eretzel.

Eretzel: The Sword of Fire--Book Two
by William R. McGrath
Publisher (2009)
Paperback; 448 pages
ISBN-10: 0980105811
ISBN-13: 978-0980105810

Visit William's website, The Sword of Fire.

Buy Eretzel at: http://www.TheSword

Author's Store http://www.pekiti. com/store/ store.php? crn=209

Amazon =" com/ERETZEL- WILLIAM-RAYMOND- MCGRATH/dp/ 0980105811

Barnes and Noble http://books. barnesandnoble. com/search/ results.aspx? WRD=eretzel

Smashwords http://www.smashwor view/743

Monday, February 2, 2009

Vengeance by
Donna Dawson

This month, CFRB presents Vengeance by Donna Dawson.

About the Book:
FBI agent James Benedict thought he was going on vacation. He thought he
would have two weeks of relaxation and rest aboard the cruise ship bound for
Hawaii. But he was wrong. Within hours of setting sail, a passenger dies,
covered in horrendous boils that have eaten deep into flesh and bone. When more and
more of the ship's inhabitants die of the same strange condition, it is
feared that a virus has been let loose. James is the only one who can find out if
there is a connection between the select victims--if he doesn't fall prey to
the illness himself.

Dr. Julie Holding struggles to focus on her own FBI appointed tasks while
the man she loves is stuck in the Pacific aboard a floating time bomb. Little
does she know that she too will become embroiled in the conspiracy and
intrigue that has taken hold of the ship and its passengers.
Vengeance will keep you on the edge of your seat as you discover the
atrocities hidden in the pages of history and the struggle to keep faith and focus
in a crazy world.

About the Author:
Donna Fawcett grew up in a military home near London, Ontario and flavours
her writing with her faith in the diverse genres she explores. She began by
writing articles for APHA's The Journal, Angels on Earth, 3.1.6. A Journal
for Christian Thinking, Beyond Ordinary Living
and other magazines. Moving
beyond freelance work, Donna writes columns for OFTP's Home Rules,
Homeschool Horizons
, and The St Marys Journal Argus.

Her first book Thriving in the Home School by Word Alive Press has
become a sought after guide for those seeking to teach their children at home.
Moving from non-fiction, Donna released a thriller novel, under the pen name
of Donna Dawson, called Redeemed--a story of a young teen surviving on
the streets of Toronto while struggling with the battle of spiritual
warfare. Taking advantage of her military upbringing, Donna's next novel The Adam
& Eve Project
was placed number eight on the top ten author list for
Word Alive Press. Her recent release, Vengeance, has created a stir
among reviewers who remark that her writing can be compared to that of Frank
Peretti and Robert Ludlum.

Donna shares her love of literacy in high school and elemenary school
English classes. With her energetic interactive, she works with students to build a
basic book outline. Her method of teaching and her book reading brings life
into writing for students who struggle to enjoy the craft. Donna invites you
to stop at her guestbook and say hello.

Read a free excerpt from Vengeance

Purchase Vengeance from Barnes & Noble or Amazon

Donna's Website

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