Sunday, September 7, 2008

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring 'Come To Me' by Laura Davis. Read the synopsis below:

You know the story of Mary and Joseph and the remarkable baby that was born to them. But do you know what they were really like? Come To Me offers the reader a glimpse into the lives of Mary, Joseph, Jesus and His apostles in a way that brings them to life.

Set in the Holy Land, Come to Me is the story about the faith and obedience of a young girl, whose absolute trust in God set in motion a chain of unprecedented events. The theme of trusting in God and surrendering to Him is evident throughout this remarkable story.

Journey back in time and rediscover Jesus! See Him through His mother's eyes as she tells the story of her son. Share in Mary's joy at the birth of the Saviour and mourn with her at the foot of the cross.

Come to Me is a moving tale of the life of Christ from the mother who raised him to become the Saviour of the world.

You can visit Laura's website at: where you can learn more about this talented author and all the exciting happenings with her debut book, Come To Me.