Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring Caprice Hokstad's 'Nor Iron Bars A Cage' for the month of July. To initiate my new blog, The Time Mistress, I've chosen Ms. Hokstad's book as my first review of the year. And with one's own blog, one has license to post not just once, but as many times as one wants! And I'm going to do just that. Though this first post is general information about the book, I will be posting through out the rest of the week a bit more in depth. So without further ado, let us take a general look at Caprice Hokstad's 'Nor Iron Bars A Cage'.

Synopsis: Two baby boys are lost in the hostile country of Ganluc--one the firstborn son of a prince and princess (third in line for the Royal Throne of Latoph no less) and the other an illegitimate half-breed born to an Itzi slavegirl and fathered by a licentious owner who was executed for treason. Ouch! Yet Duke Vahn, the afore mentioned prince, is determined to rescue both of these boys. Scores of knights and bounty hunters have risked their lives trying to retrieve them, yet none can even find a clue to their whereabouts. When all else fails, a bold plan is proposed to send Vahn's most trusted servant posing as a runaway slave in order to gather information. Reluctantly, Vahn sends a strange trio off to Ganluc--his brave captain, a middle-aged healer, and an Itzi slave. Little does he know what challenges await both the trio and his own house, now forced to survive without its key leaders.

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