Sunday, October 5, 2008

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring Susan Kirkland's book Higher Honor! Woo Hoo! Check out the details!

When Cadet Cassidy Sanders is brutally assaulted, she struggles
to carry on as she turns further from the God of her youth. Her
attacker is an acquaintance who has his own struggles to face.
God uses their mutual friends to show both cadets the depth
of his grace and mercy.

Higher Honor is set within the sub-culture of America’s
military colleges. The novel focuses on the elements of honor,
brotherhood, duty, and the spirit of the characters to face
and overcome challenges that grow them into the military’s
next generation of strong, capable leaders. The realism of
Higher Honor’s setting and plot is a result of experience,
observation, and much research.
S.M. Kirkland brings firsthand experience to her fiction.
While a student at North Georgia College and State
University (the senior military college of Georgia) she
enlisted in the Georgia Army National Guard. During a 10-
year military career, she served as a photo- and broadcast
journalist while serving in Italy and for the 1996 Summer
Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Kirkland currently works for the Calhoun Times as the
government reporter and her feature stories have appeared
in newspapers nationwide. Her first fiction publication was
a short story “Fair Balance� included in the anthology Light
at the Edge of Darkness (TWCP, 2007). This story received
several rave reviews.
The publisher's page (FREE shipping, autographed)
http://www.thewrite authorandbooks/ HIGHERHONOR. html
Amazon: com/Higher- Honor-S-M- Kirkland/ dp/1934284084/ ref=sr_1_ 1?ie=UT
F8&s=books&qid= 1222902785& sr=8-1
Susan's web page:
http://smkirkland. com/
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http://www.myspace. com/smkirkland
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