Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Vanquish fear and panic. Value living. Remember your goal: Getting out alive." U.S. Army Ranger Handbook
Start a book out with a quote like that and you are going to have my attention. As an action/adventure reader and writer, I crave the thrill of the cliff hanger, the constant tension on each and every page that asks the inevitable question "What happens next?!" With Agartha's Castaway, (Book One of the Trapped in the Hollow Earth Novelette Series), you get to ask with not just the action, but a few other things as well. Here we have three friends, Mike - the flirty, care free surfer star. Jack - the hunky egghead. And Casey, the adventurous girl who has had a crush on Mike since, like, forever. While on vacation and fishing together the three are plunged (as in literally, they wind up in the drink) via an out of this world storm, into an incredible adventure. Lost at sea and now stranded on an island that's more than just "Way off the map," the trio tries their best to not only find their way off the island, but not lose their lives in the process. But that's just the adventure part. If you remember being a teenager, there are some things that are a constant. And a crush is one of them. Through strange storms, ship wreck, weird caves, sharks, and dare I add, really BIG spiders, (shivers, dreamed about spiders for days!) the life pulse of young love is hard to kill. Chrissy Peebles captures the essence of young love and mixes it with an adventure that keeps you turning the pages. You begin to see things going on within the trios relationships with each other, and have to wonder, hmmm ... just where might this be going? And I'm sure we'll all get to find out, so long as our heroes can all stay alive long enough. The best part of this wonderful action packed novelette? The price. It's free! Get a copy and enjoy!

Agartha's Castaway Book One

Pick up Book Two and with our three young heroes, continue the adventure.

Agartha's Castaway Book Two