Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marcia Lynn McClure, A True Delight!

Meet the McCalls!

I must say, I was delighted when I stumbled across Marica Lynn McClure's The McCall Trilogy!  I do love a good series and wish Marcia had more books about the McCalls, but I suppose reading stories from three different generations of McCalls will have to suffice.

We begin with the charming Jackson McCall who finds a woman out in the middle of nowhere and takes her home to be nursed back to health by his mother Maggie.  Originally titled The Foundling and later changed to Desert Fire, I agree with the author who felt The Foundling was a much better description of the story.  Sold as a single title this story is under the afore mentioned Desert Fire.  The story however does remind one of a foundling.  Our heroine has no memory of who she is and only gets bits and pieces here and there throughout the story.  Add in a nasty villain hunting our heroine down, and Jackson McCall's charming yet tough as rawhide demeanor and you have a winning combination.

In our second story, To Echo the Past, we meet Michael McCall, son of Jackson McCall and who is just as charming and tough as nails as his father ever was.  He's also quite popular among the townsfolk and has definitely caught the eye of the new girl in town.  But our heroine has a little unwanted competition in the local 'self proclaimed belle of the ball' who has just returned from finishing school and who also has not only her eye on Michael, but tries her best to sink her claws into him as well!  Nothing like competition!  And always fun to read!  Just who will win the affection of our charming Michael McCall?

The third installment of our trilogy, An Old-Fashioned Romance, jumps forward a few generations to find Breck McCall working for a private investigation company and privately wishing she could date her handsome boss!  Little does she know she's not the only one!  And little does she know she's already caught the bosses eye!  With a little help from her friends she begins to see there's more to her boss than first meets the eye.  Breck also finds she's been hungering for more than love in this wonderful contemporary romance!

Enjoy all three stories in this delightful new trilogy!  I've found myself a new author to follow!