Sunday, August 3, 2008

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is reviewing Darryl Sloan's book, Chion. After reading the synopsis, if you live anywhere with snowy winters like we have here in Oregon at times, like me you just might start to consider moving to a warmer climate! To see what I mean, read on!

Synopsis: First came the snow. Then came the screams. Six hundred and fifty pupils, confined to their classrooms, waiting impatiently for the break-time bell to ring, eager to rush outdoors for a snowball slugfest. But when the first foot crosses over the doorway to the playground, something goes terribly wrong: the boy is strangely powerless to prevent himself from falling ... and then screaming.

If the pupils thought being restricted to a classroom for half an hour was hard, all of them are now about to get a lesson in the real meaning of the word “confinement.” No one can leave the building. Not now, not when school’s over, not tonight, and not tomorrow. It’s the same story all across the country, in every school, every workplace, every home, every vehicle: death is waiting outdoors.

No one knows whether the phenomenon is a freak weather condition, a chemical weapon, or a divine curse. One thing is certain: what’s lying outside is not snow. And unlike snow, it is not melting away.

Tensions escalate as the dreadful reality dawns. What will happen when our food runs out? How can we be rescued if we’re merely a handful among millions? How can the rescue services function when vehicles can’t use roads and aircraft have nowhere to land? How will anyone anywhere survive?

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