Tuesday, August 4, 2009

About the Book:

Those who lived in the twentieth century saw more rapid changes than any
previous century. Born at the beginning of this era, to a family that had
already faced dramatic change and challenge, Rina seemed to come into the
world with a zest for the revolution the 1900’s would bring. Based on the story
of a real person, the narrative alternates between the daily activities of
a still spunky 99-year-old Rina and her vivid memories as she relives
vignettes of her life. The impetuous and sometimes capricious nature of young
Rina almost exasperates her parents Jake and Ellie.

When she is barely a grown woman, marriage to an imaginative and sometimes
impractical dreamer husband, the arrival of babies, the great depression
and life in general take over, moulding her into a strong woman not unlike
her parents, proving the apple indeed does not fall far from the tree. The
unbelievable twists in the lives of Rina and her beloved David will keep
readers fascinated with the indomitable strength of the human spirit when there
is a solid foundation of love and faith. Although this is a sequel to
Not Easily Broken, it can readily stand on its own.

About the Author:

Ruth Smith Meyers is an Inspirational/ Motivational speaker, a regular
contributor for Rejoice Magazine, a daily devotional resource, the editor of
Marriage Encounter Newsletter and has had her poetry published in Purpose and
Christian Living Magazine.

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