Friday, April 11, 2008

The Take on Never Ceese

It's amazing how one little book can cause such a stir. Not only has Sue Dent's book Never Ceese managed to capture the imaginations of its readers but some very interesting readers at that. And no wonder. The book has some very interesting characters in it. Interesting enough to catch the attention of ... well other characters.

Kitty Morgan, my ditzy, boy crazy character from Time Masters Book One; The Call, was last seen by Christian Fiction Review Blogger Cathi Hassan as she spotted Kitty hopping a plane to London. Kitty has been obsessed with Sue Dent's characters Richard and Ceese from Never Ceese and seems bent on ferreting some information out of them. Let's see what she found out, shall we? Now it would be much more fitting to have another character from Time Masters interrogate Kitty. But when asked they all suddenly had something to do, so now yours truly is stuck with the job. (Those traitors!) I just had to find out what went on during Kitty's visit, not without at least a little help though. And as Kitty is now back between the pages of Time Masters where she belongs, you the reader will have to make do with the police transcript of our conversation:

TTM: Tell me Kitty, when you flew to London, what exactly was it you hoped to gain by questioning anyone? And just what the heck were you asking folks about anyway?


TTM: Kitty, you might want to pay attention and answer the question.

KM: OH! I'm sorry! What was the question?

TTM: EXASPERATED. What were you doing chasing after people in London and why were you wanting to question them!?

KM: Oh, uh ... bats and wolves.

TTM: Bats and wolves?!

KM: Yes, bats and wolves. You see, my cat disappeared a few weeks ago, remember when I borrowed your blog to let every one know?

TTM: How can any of us forget?

KM: Anyway I had heard rumors of a bat and a wolf in the vicinity and thought one of them may have had something to do with it but I was wrong. Boy was I wrong!

TTM: How so?

KM: Well, niether the bat or the wolf had anything to do with my missing cat! And come to think of it, the bat and the wolf really aren't what they are at all. Well, sort of.

TTM: Could you be more specific?

KM: FIDGETS IN HER CHAIR ... A LOT. Well you see, I found something that explains about the bat and the wolf and thought that maybe I might find out something to help me find my cat!

TTM: And??????

KM: Well what I found will astound you!

TTM: And just what did you find?



KM: I know!

TTM: PAUSES AND BEGINS TO COUNT TO TEN SLOWLY Yes Kitty, I know it's a book. But just what does it have to do with anything?

KM: Read the cover, silly!

TTM: Never Ceese

KM: Precisly!


KM: The bat is really a vampire and the wolf is really a werewolf!


KM: Really! It's all chronicled in that book there! This woman named Sue Dent recorded the whole thing and everything is in that book!

TTM: Everything?

KM: Oh yes! You see, there is a vampire named Richard, and a werewolf named Ceese and they both are striving for the same thing. Well, maybe not at first, Richard seems a little reluctant to believe Ceese when she tells him she wants to be rid of the curse put on her to be a werewolf. The same curse she could easily pass on to another person if she wanted to. Well, so can Richard for that matter but Richard you see, doesn't believe that the curses which make them what they are can be lifted at all. So he's not so hot on the idea at first. But at least both of them agree that what has happened to them is a curse. They also both seem to think that the other is awefully familiar somehow. Like they've known each other before or maybe they've run into each other but had forgotten about it or maybe it's that dejabu .... I mean dejavu thing ...


KM: ...but anyway, my question is do they remember who they really are? Could they? How painful would it be? I'm telling you it's all in the book you hold in your hand! OH and that's not all! They travel to New York to find the one person who can possibly help them and guess what?!


KM: Not only can the girl they are hoping is able to help, can't as she's still looking for the same answers they are, but there's danger waiting for them! This, this, this ... oh what would you call him? Ahhh a bad person! That's it, a really bad person has plans of his own for poor Richard and Ceese! Ah, why is your eye twitching like that?

TTM: COVERS EYE WITH ONE HAND Let me see if I can translate all this. Richard and this Ceese travel to New York in search of answers to see if their curses can be lifted, but when they get there they encounter a lot more than they bargained for?

KM: Yeah! That's it! Your eye is stil twitching.

TTM: Never mind about my eye. What else happens?

KM: Well, what I wanted to ask them is why they are searching so hard? What if they don't find they are looking for? What price are they willing to pay to make sure they get to heaven?

TTM: Heaven?

KM: Well of course, silly! Why else would you want a curse that was put on you lifted? Wouldn't you want to be able to go to heaven and be with Jesus when you die?

TTM: STARES AT KITTY DUMBFOUNDED Indeed. And do they? And what about the bad person? What's he up to?

KM: Well if you knew about a real vampire and werewolf what would you do? Don't vampires and werewolves live for a really, really, really long time?

TTM: Yes, yes I suppose they do. So this bad person's greed is driving him to do some pretty despicable things?

KM: Oh you better beleive it!

TTM: Well, what happens then? What does he do? What sort of danger are Richard and Ceese in? Do they get out of it, is anyone hurt, do they finally find the answers they are looking for?


TTM: Kitty ....

KM: I don't know.

TTM: What do you mean you don't know?!

KM: I couldn't finish, it's too scary for me!

TTM: But we all want to know what happens! How do Richard and Ceese meet in the first place and what do you mean they seem familiar to each other? Do they know each other from a long time ago or what? How do they know to go to New York to search for answers? Who is the person in New York that is helping them?

KM: FOLDS HER ARMS DEFIANTLY I don't want to talk about it any more.

TTM: BEGINS TO PACE THE ROOM What do you mean you don't want to talk about it anymore! You can't just leave us all hanging like this! We want to know what happens!

KM: STOMPS HER FOOT Well then read the book!

TTM: Oh ... good idea. Just where did you find this?

KM: I found it at and there are all sorts of other people talking about Richard and Ceese right now too. Maybe you can find out what happens from them! Just follow the links! I'm not saying another word! I have to go look for my cat!

End of Transcript


Sue Dent said...

Awwwww, it scared Kitty! Ceese feels bad. :(

Cute, cute, reveiw though Geralyn! Thanks so much for the interview too! Hope you can get your computers back up and running. :)

The Time Mistress said...

Scared schmared! Be glad it did or I have a feeling she'd get a HUGE crush on Richard! What a horrible fate for him! And she just might anyway! Who knows, she might just post again even though the tour is over after today!

Sue Dent said...

Well, I know I'll look forward to that if she does post. I think I need to learn more about Kitty! :)

There seems to be much more to her than meets the eye.

How are your sick computers? :(

David said...

Geralyn, I have to grant it to you. You have posted one of the most enjoyable, informative and playful posts...thanks to Kitty. Bless you.

cathikin said...

Kitty made one very, um, unique interview. Cetainly a different take on Never Ceese. If I hadn't already read it, I would want to after that.