Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something Ate My Cat!


Yes, I'm sure of it! I haven't seen Sinclair for nearly two weeks now and I'm sure something had him for lunch! Gaaaawwwwsh but I'm upset about it! And everybody be really quiet too! You see, my name is Kitty Morgan and I managed to sneak out of the pages of Time Masters to find Sinclair! Well, that is if there is anything left to find ... but I'm an optimist you see! All I need is a little help to find out what happened. At least if I knew what happened then I could go back to where I came from and no one will be the wiser! But I only have until chapter fourteen of Time Masters Book Two the Prophecy to solve this! If I come up missing I'll be in BIG trouble! Gawsh but I better move fast!

What makes me think something ate my cat? What makes me think?! Good golly! For one there are characters from other books perfectly capable of eating my poor Sinclair! I think some of them come from books by authors belonging to the Christian Fiction Review Blog! They are going to be touring a book next month that I bet could be trouble! It has a wolf and a bat that wanders around not only this place but I hear they get into other places as well! At least I think it's just a wolf and a bat. Could be something more, I'm not sure but I'm not leaving them off the suspect list! And what about the dragons?! There are a few of those mind you and they definitely could have made Sinclair into a tasty snack! Ohhhh what am I to do? I need help! Aren't there any other characters from the CFRB's other books who can help me find my poor Sinclair? I need the police! Are there any policemen in there? Detectives? Sleuths? Someone told me there was actually a dragon private eye in Shoutlife and the CFRB, not that he'll do me much good. For all I know HE is the culprit of this horrid crime! Could any characters from that CFRB group help me? I think I know a few of the members and they all are quite agreeable. I don't think they'd eat me ...that I know of that is ....

Maybe I can ask the new neighbors, some chap by the name of Duke Vahn. His wife seems nice. I bet she would answer my questions and tell me if she saw anything! If only I could get in touch with Dallan and Shona from Time Masters. But I can't travel through time, and they left me at the end of book one The Call for the far future. A dragon might be able to travel that far. I wonder if that dragon private eye is a good dragon, or a bad dragon? Ohhhhh gaswh! I'm stuck! Who can tell me what to do next? HELP!

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ForstRose said...

All Right Miss Kitty as I suspect you'll be sneaking back here at some point - Don't make me come find you. Geralyn is hopping mad at you for going AWOL and needs you back IMMEDIATELY!!!! And YES I will come drag you back if I have to but trust me you'd be better off getting your own backside where it belongs and NOW!