Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kitty Morgan Has Escaped!

Kitty Morgan, my ditzy, boy crazy character from Time Masters Book One; The Call, has escaped the pages and is running all over the internet trying to find her dumb cat! She's raving about some book the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring in April that apparently has a bat and a wolf in it and I think Kitty has them at the top of her suspect list! Along with a few dragons, orcs and individuals of questionable character. She's trying to recruit other characters to help her in her quest of finding her cat, Sinclair. So far she's managed to talk about the wolf and the bat on Shoutlife, Myspace, The Time Mistress's blog, and I'm sure if I turn my back she'll have it posted on the Time Master Blog too! That ding dong will have that bat and wolf all talked up within days darn her! But I hear Kitty is actually WORRIED about the bat and the wolf, which she thinks are in some sort of danger. Quite the puzzle! She also thinks the bat and the wolf are not just a bat and a wolf! Who is responsible for them? What is her name .... ahhhh .... DENT! That's it! Sue Dent! Ah ha! And her bat and wolf are characters in a book called .... just a minute ... I can remember it .... ahhhhh NEVER CEESE! Yes, that's it! Never Ceese. Whew, for a second there I thought my memory was failing me.

Ok, so if anyone sees Kitty, tell her I need her back amongst the pages by chapter fourteen of Time Masters Book Two; The Prophecy or I'm going to tan her hide! And tell her to leave the bat and the wolf alone!!!!! If they are in danger then that's their problem! Good gravies! What next?


ForstRose said...

I'll track her down and drag her back for you if I have to but we both know she'd be much better off getting her own self back instead of waiting till I catch up to her. LOL! If she waits for me she'll be getting it from both of us.


cathikin said...

Ah, that Kitty. You don't t hink she can get find her way to England to get involved with Richard and Ceese, the former vampire, and werewolf? I hope not. I know they didn't take her silly cat. He probably is looking for Shona.