Friday, November 7, 2008

Leaps Of Faith

This month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring the book Leaps of Faith, a 2002 EPPIE finalist for Best Electronic Anthology. This treasure trove full of gems is now available in paperback!


Believe in a future where science and faith live side-by-side? Leaps of Faith contains 15 stories exploring space, time and faith. Can an ancient religion bring hope to first-line explorers for whom each trip is potential suicide? What does it mean when a physicist finds God's face in the stars? Is there a "saint gene" and can it be reproduced to create miracles? What happens to your soul when your body is shattered into quantum elements and reassembled on another world? How will the Christian faith transform alien thoughts and traditions?

Read as time travelers seeking to change Biblical history and space travelers harvesting "angels" are brought to faith by their experiences. Experience tender romance and heart-pounding adventure. Laugh at the foilables of man.

Though the book has a general synopsis, it’s just not enough to describe what’s between the pages. But it’s sometimes difficult to pare down every single story and even the reviews posted throughout the week prior to this one have focused on a few of the diamonds found between the covers of this treasure chest but not broken them all down individually. And guess what? I’m not going to either! It’s far more fun to find out for yourself! What we all have done though, is found something unique to take away from this inspiring collection.

Faith is what makes us as Christians. And of course, when all is well with the world, (at least our own little private ones) it’s easy to have faith. But when tested, it’s not so easy! We’ve all had our faith tested through out our lives, and one of the things that can make certain authors very popular be it in the Christian market or the secular, is their ability to create characters and stories about people who are just like us. Now it’s one thing to read about a story set in the here and now. Quite another to read a story set in the far future! Don’t we just love it when a character in a story we are really into comes to Christ? OK, so how about an alien coming to Christ? We read about civil rights. Well what about an android’s rights? Leaps has it all. Action, adventure, some pretty cool science fiction gizmo-gazmos, romance, humor and my personal favorites, a futuristic order of nuns! Having at one time seriously considered joining a convent when I was younger, this one naturally grabbed me. And of course, I’m always into time travel!

Full of twists, turns, surprises and some memorable characters, this anthology will be a keeper! Which were my favorites? Quantum Express by Vincent Maizahn, and Leaps of Faith by Karina and Rob Fabian.

Purchase Leaps of Faith at The Writer's Cafe Press.
Check out the YouTube Video.
Visit the Leaps of Faith Website.

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Karina Fabian said...
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Karina Fabian said...

(I removed my comment because it posted before I'd finished. :) )

Thanks for doing a review of Leaps, Geraldyne! We're so glad you enjoyed the book. Vincent's story is terrific. I remember thinking, "He's made McCoy's worst transporter nightmares come true!"

Karina Fabian

TWCP Authors said...

Very nice synopsis and review Geralyn. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

I, too, enjoyed Leap of Faith. The concept of the rescue sisters is so cool and I love reading about their exploits.


The Time Mistress said...

Leaps is a very cool anthology. And I think a nice introduction to the genre. Reading about the Sisters brought back a lot of memories of the nuns that used to sometimes hang out at our house when I was little. My mother went through catholic school as did my big sister.

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