Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ah, this month the Christian Fiction Review Blog is saving the world. Er, ah, no. That's not quite right. How about the Christian Fiction Review Blog is touring the Book League of Superheroes by Stephen L. Rice and THEY are saving the world! Yes, what can one say about a group of geeks pitted against nasty evil doers? And just what do their outfits look like? Er, that would be the geeky super heroes not the evil slime. I mean, if you were dressed by someone named Genie that you weren't even sure was human, how would you look? However, on the other hand, some evil slime dress quite nicely this time of year I hear, and they dress themselves! Oh but I digress! Here's a synopsis of the book and on Friday I'll be posting my very own review! MUAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!(insert hideous evil laugh here. I have to go out and buy an outfit to review in!) But in the mean time, here's the general gist!

Four teenage boys and one little sister discover someone in a chat room who
claims to be a little girl named Genie, but whose scientific knowledge and
technology are a few centuries ahead of anyone else.

Who or what is Genie? The most intelligent mortal in history—an integral
part of the most powerful force mankind has ever unleashed. And she does not
consider herself subject to the laws of God or man.

On a whim, Genie transforms her new friends into the League of Superheroes:

Titan—a walking and flying tank—is Rod Davies, a klutzy, diplomacy-impaired
beanpole who is also a certified genius in math and physics;
Darklight—an invisible spy—is the narrator, Tom Reilly, a scientifically
inclined polyglot;
Tachyon—able to speed or slow time in his area—is Allen Peters,
super-hacker; and
Micromegas—a size-changer—is Charlie Taylor, who hopes someday to be a
medical missionary.
And then there are Clarice Peters, Allen’s little sister and perhaps Genie’
s best friend, and "Uncle," the mysterious elderly man who was the first to
treat Genie like a human being…

But can even superheroes save her (and the world) from her so-called creators
—and from Genie herself?
Check out these other member blogs this week for more info.

Purchase League of Superheroes< /i> at href="http://www.thewrite los.html">Writer's Cafe Press, href="http://search. barnesandnoble. com/League- of-Superheroes/ Stephen-Rice/ e/9781934284056/ ?itm=1">Barnes and
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David said...

Nice post Geri. I see you threw in some of your own personal writing charm. I had some things mixed up and it wasn't until yesterday that Caprice got me straight so I could put your button up. Glad I did. God bless.

The Time Mistress said...

It was a really fun book to read! And of course I put my own twist! Makes for a fun review for both me and Steve!