Thursday, December 11, 2008

League of Superheros!

OK,OK, firstly I know it's not Friday yet and the date of this blog says that it's Thursday. But my internet works only when it wants to and rather than take a chance on it not working early Friday morning, I took what I could get from it here on Thursday night and posted while the posting was good! Maybe if I had a friend named Genie helping me out such as in Stephen L. Rice's book League of Superheros, I wouldn't have this problem in the first place! In fact, I'd probably be an honorary member of The Mad Scientist Club as well! Just like the characters Allen, Tom, Rod, and Charlie. Oh, and Allen's little sister Clarice should be included too. After all, if it weren't for her, these up and coming mad scientists might never have met Genie.

And who is Genie you ask? Oh no, I'm not giving that away! You'll have to read the book. But I'm not above teasing! IS she a human? Or is she some sort of super computer that turns four ordinary mad scientist super hero wannabes into just that. Super Heroes! I think Genie prefers the role of mad scientist. But it's a good thing she's not mad! So we'll just leave her as scientist. Who else can build super suits for our four teen age heroes and deliver them UPS no less! And there's nothing more fun than watching four teen age boys bumble and stumble their way around trying to learn how every thing in their new super suits work!

But where there are superheroes, even if newbies, there are also villains! And finding out who is the nasty in this romp is half the fun. Stephen does a wonderful job of putting you right there with the characters, and characters we can all relate to as well. Especially those of us who, ah, well, nerd is a hard word and geek isn't much better. Let's just say there are many of us who had much the same interests when we were kids as these four boys do, including the little sister sidekick! What kid doesn't think about being a superhero at some point while growing up?

The book isn't incredibly long and so is a fun, fast read. It's also as fun to read for adults as it is for teens. If you have a tech crazy teen in your household act fast and get this book in time for Christmas! Or if you hanker for that euphoric feeling of discovering what it would be like to have a power suit created by a super brain then go for it! The gem of this book is it will take you back in time somewhat and restore to you those wonderful feelings of what it was like to dream. I know it did for me!

Well done Steve! Well done!


cathikin said...

I have been surprised by the number of people, adults as well as kids, who think of themselves as being geeks. They come out of the woodwork when they hear about this story. Your review is almost as much fun to read as Steve's book!

Rick said...

Each review wets my appetite! This does bring out the nerd in us all. :)

The Time Mistress said...

Nerd schmerd! I fully admit to being an egghead in school! LOL!

Frank Creed said...

League of Superheroes has fun characters--who have character.
There are certain common qualities I've found among speculative fiction peeps. We think a lot and we're considerate. If that makes us geeks or nerds, it's a label that ought to be worn proudly.
My man Rice is indeed a geeky nerd who does wear the label. I heard he got it tattooed, but that may be a rumor, so don't post it on the Web or nothin'.