Monday, July 14, 2008


My personal favorite truth be known! And since I not only love them, but am also quite adept at writing them, I was asked to be a guest blogger to explain just how I do it! Check it out at:


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cathikin said...

Here's one place wehre we differ--I knew it was bound to happen sometime. I don't like cliff-hangers at all!! Now, your book wasn't a real cliffhanger since the big part of the plat ws completed by the end of the book. So even though it was clear that there are more loose ends to tie up. I could breath freely with a contented sigh when I finished the book. But books like Dekker's Black. White, and Red frustrate me no end. I mean, when the main guy wakes up with a gun going off that is pointed at his head, this is serious cliff hanger. And I hate it. That being said, my all-time favorite literature was/is The Lord of the Rings. Some serious cliff hanger there, but happily, at the time I first read it I could obtain all three books in the same week. (I didn't sleep that week, but that's another story)In my humble opinion, though, There is only ONE Lord of the Rings, and it doesn't fit any rules that I might usually apply. I am extremely disturbed when I now I have to wait a year or even two months to find out if that guy is going to hit a pool of water or splat on the ground when he hits the bottom. My nerves don't take it very well. Serials/sequels are fine as long as there is some sort of conclusion, with some part of the story wrapping up. I had to review a couple of books this year that were the finals in a series. For one of those it was a real handicap to not know the books that preceded.