Monday, June 2, 2008

*About the Author:*

Elaine Lyons Bach has been a director and teacher of drama and literature in
high school and college over the last 30 years, taking sabbaticals to write
and travel. She wrote Gentle Journey to fill two major voids she found
common among her students: the need to plumb the depths of the things that
really matter, and the need to know with certainty that we are loved

*About the Book:*

Driven, altruistic Eden Barrett yearns to bring about social reform using
her artistic talent. Unaware of the enemies lurking in her future, when her
initial plans go awry, she finds employment as a governess, hoping to
continue to hone her talent in her free time. Eden immediately defies
tradition when she rescues two climbing boys and houses them on the estate
of her new employer. A man of integrity, like-minded in all but one
insurmountable aspect, Colin Ashton, Seventh Earl of Edmund, finds the
sparks flying as he matches wits with the new governess to his
high-spirited, precocious, and controlling sister. He would fire Eden if not
for his sister's pleas on her behalf. Eden spurns marriage as a sure way for
a female in Regency England's society to become a slave to the will of
another. Fully aware, though, that her will and his do not agree and that he
is far above her station, she is helplessly drawn to the capable lord. It
seems his interest is in a beautiful neighbor, The Honorable Cassandra
Bradley, whose brother is obviously taken with Eden. Lives will be
transformed in their unforgettable journey of adventure, passionate
emotions, and enduring love.

*Book Details:*

Gentle Journey
Elaine Lyons Bach
Fiction Romance
Outskirts Press (February 9, 2007) 248 pgs
ISBN: 978-1598009040

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