Friday, February 1, 2013

Short and Sweet But Also ... 

 I'm going to give the author five stars, (I don't give five stars very readily) and a note: Oh if only it was a little longer to really flesh everything out, but I understand if there was a word limit from Highland Press. And advice. Yes it's a short, sweet read. And for me, was a bit like reading a story synopsis for a movie script. Which, I think our dear author should think about. I believe I read something else by this same author as I've read a few anthology collections from Highland Press. But this story stood out as a great story line for a script. (Seriously, Ms. H. Think about it!). For the rest of you, read this touching little story and see if you don't agree. This read is short enough I'm going to give the reader's digest version. Nursing home aide Tess Murphy inherits old Victorian house from loving resident Emmeline who tells her of her parents first meeting and subsequent brief yet mysterious romance, marriage, and her own joyous birth shrouded in both love and tragedy. It's a movie, even if just for DVD. Jump on it Ms. Hatton, before someone else does.


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Erin Hatton said...

Thanks so much Time Mistress! What a glowing review. :)